We hope the following information will answer the most common questions about how we can get you the best value for your vehicle.  
If you want to ask us anything more, please contact us by email or call us on 440-337-4425.

Who are

GetCarValues.Com is a national company whose mission is provide you with a quick and easy way to realize the maximum value for your vehicle, without the inconvenience of having to go through the hassles of selling yourself. Members of our buying network will offer you top dollar for your vehicle. All you have to do is fill out our online form and we take it from there. 

GetCarValues.Com is not a retailer. We circumvent the retail market and all of the headaches that go with it. We’re not an auction site either. We don’t put up a passive internet advertisement and hope your vehicle sells. 

Once you list your vehicle’s information by filling out our online form, one of our experts will evaluate the information you provide. If it looks like there is good sales potential, we will contact you to confirm the details regarding your vehicle and that you are serious about selling. Once that’s done, we release the vehicle information to our network of buyers. We provide our buyers with technical details about the vehicle (make, model, year, mileage, and the like), photos if you’ve provided them, as well as any written description we have. Our buyers receive everything they need to make an informed decision as to your vehicle’s value. 

We also appraise vehicles for court ordered purposes including estate and divorce cases. In court testifying available. 

Whether you use our online services or work with one of our experts in person, once we have all the information we need about your vehicle, we disseminate it to our network, matching that information with the buyers that best fit your vehicle and situation. Then we watch the offers come in. The entire process normally takes less than one hour, though special vehicles or situations may take longer.

What does Get Car Values.Com do?

We provide a convenient, fast service for valuing your vehicle and offering it to a network of qualified buyers. Our only mission is to get top dollar for your vehicle.

How do I sell my vehicle through Get Car Values.Com?

Choose from two easy methods of getting your vehicle information to us. You can fill out one of our short online forms to request the value of your car, truck, van, or SUV, or you can request an on-site evaluation (Where Available). Once we have the information about your vehicle, we disclose it to our buyer network. There’s no need for you to do anything else until the offers come in.

How long will it take to receive an offer for my vehicle?

During our normal business hours, we typically provide offers within one hour. Special vehicles or circumstances may require a longer period of time.

Can’t I just sell my vehicle or trade it in at a dealer?

Sure you can. If you don’t mind the wasted time and dealing with a public buyer who has to obtain financing and phone calls at all hours of night. Get CarValues.Com is concerned with one thing and one thing only – getting you the most money for your vehicle.

How is Get Car Values.Com different from online auction sites or classified advertisements?

We work with our network of qualified buyers. Once we receive information about your vehicle, we match it up against the buyers who best fit with the vehicle you are selling. You aren’t just putting an advertisement out there and hoping an interested party will come across it. We determine which buyers will be interested, and we submit the information. All you need to do is wait for an cash offer.

If you’re a buyer, joining our network ensures that the information you receive has been verified. You won’t be making offers on vehicles found on anonymous internet auction or classified sites, where you have to rely on the word of the seller. We provide you with the best information on a vehicle because that ensures that we can provide our sellers with the best, most lucrative offers. Must be licensed in most states and have verified financial statements.

How do I accept an offer for my vehicle?

When you receive an offer for your vehicle, the offer will explain how acceptance is performed. You will also be given a time period over which the offer will be valid. Simply follow the instructions on the offer within the stated time and you’ve accepted the offer.

How do I know the buyer won’t back out?

Unlike internet auction or classified sites, when you sell through GetCarValues.Com you are working with a network of qualified buyers. We make sure our buyers are reliable. Once you follow the instructions for accepting an offer, you’ve created a binding contract for the sale of your vehicle. Offers are guaranteed!!

How much does it cost to sell through Get Car Values.Com?

It doesn’t cost you anything.

What will I need to complete the sale of my vehicle?

Once you’ve accepted an offer and delivered your vehicle to the designated drop-off location, you will need a valid form of identification, all of the keys to the vehicle, a valid title, and any lien information pertaining to the vehicle.

When do I get paid?

When you deliver your vehicle to the drop-off location, the vehicle will be reviewed to make sure all information submitted to GetCarValues.Com is accurate. You will then receive a check in the amount of the offer, minus the amount of any lien on the vehicle.

What happens if the information I submitted about my vehicle is wrong?

In most cases, your vehicle will be re-evaluated on the spot and a new offer will be made. If you accept, you will receive a check for this new amount, minus the amount of any lien on the vehicle.

How do I know where to drop-off my vehicle?

During the process of selling your vehicle through GetCarValues.Com, you will receive drop-off information tailored to your geographic location. In some cases, you may receive multiple drop-off locations from which to choose.

How do you determine the value of my vehicle?

We look at a combination of factors, including sales data in your specific market, the vehicle information you submit to GetCarValues.Com, and estimates provided by our own experts using a number of standard vehicle appraisal tools.

Why is the Kelly Blue Book Value® of my vehicle more than you are offering?

Sometimes, the Kelly Blue Book Value® accurately reflects what your vehicle is worth in your market, and sometimes it does not. If a dealer is offering you the Kelly Blue Book Value® for trade, keep in mind that he’s probably making it up on the price of the new vehicle he is selling you. We don’t have to worry about selling you another vehicle. At GetCarValues.Com, we will provide you with the highest amount your vehicle can bring in your market today, and you can have a check in your hands within hours.

What if I still owe on my vehicle?

This depends on the situation. When you owe less than your vehicle’s value (true in most cases) you receive the equity from your vehicle with the remaining monies going toward paying off your current loan. If you owe more than your vehicle is worth you are responsible for the difference in full at time the buyer purchases the vehicle. Each situation is different but the answer to the question is the same: YES! You can sell your vehicle if you still owe money on it. We can show you how.

Can I use if I am leasing?

Yes. As long as your vehicle is worth more than the buyout on the lease, we can help. The buyer will write you a check for the value of the vehicle, minus the lease buyout. The buyer will then buyout the lease with the funds that were withheld.